Film Sonic has a purpose built studio in North Perth. The acoustics are designed by John Brandt and operated by sound designer/composer Ben Chase.

Film Sonic - audio post production studio, control room top view 1

  • 7.1.4 Immersive 3d sound monitoring and mixing (ATMOS, DTX, Ambisonics), 3.5 meter wide cinemascope projector screen

Film Sonic audio post production studio, tracking room

  • Large SFX, foley and virtual instrument libraries. Keyboards, guitars, edrums. Loads of plugins from Sonnox, Waves, Kush, Tokyo Dawn Labs, Flux, Plugin Aliance, Izotope, IK Multimedia, Eventide, UAD.
  • Microphones: Abbey Roads TG1, AT4050, JLM C12 & U87 clones, Line Audio CM3 & OM1, various others
  • Micr pre-amps: Sonic Farm Xcalibur, Avedis MA5, JLMAudio Dual 99v & TG500, Sebatron Vmp1000, A Designs P1, CAPI Heider FD312, Overstayer 8755DM
  • Analog Compressors: HCL VariS (tube mastering VariMu), HCL Corvo (tube Opto), Serpent Audio Splice II (1176 clone), Safe Sound Audio Dynamics Toolbox (VCA type), DBX 160 VU, Empirical Labs EL-DS Deresser
  • Analog EQ: Sonic Farm Star TrEQ, JLM PEQ500
  • Converters: Lavry AD10 & DA10, Metric Halo ULN8
  • Monitors: KS Digital C88r in 7.1.4 (11 channels plus sub), Buchardt S400, Duntech PCL25, JBL LSR additional 7.1.2 playback system
  • Views to gardens. Producers desk, inline a/v on video conference, secure server upload.
  • Reaper as main DAW along with Protools 11HD/12, studio, Logic, Ableton.
  • Video Suite: Davinci Resolve Studio, Intensity Pro4k, Reallusion iClone, Character Creator, Cartoon Animator with Mocap.
  • Video Camera – Panasonic GH5 (3 prime lenses, zoom lense), Sony HD Handcams x2; Gimbal – Ronin S2, Dimmable colour lights, track slider, teleprompt and green screen in tracking room.