Featured Projects

Feature Films

Title: “Violett”

Client: Playtime Motion Pictures

Role: Re-recording Mixer (HE Atmos, Surround), Sound Editor, Sound Designer, Co-composer

Awards: ANOH Internation Film Festival 2023 – Best Feature Film

Title: “The Xrossing”

Client: Playtime Motion Pictures, HALO Films

Role: Re-recording Mixer (incl Surround formats), Sound Editor, Sound Designer

Awards: Winner: London Independent Film Awards 2020
Winner: Toronto Independant Film Festival 2020
Nominee: Hollywood Blvd Film Festival 2020
Official Selection: Paris Film Festival 2020


Title: “Yowie” cartoon series (Episodes 1 – 7)

Client: Icon Entertainment, Zac Creative.
Role: Sound Design, Sound Mix, master and dub, dialog edit.

Title: God Squad

Client: Zac Toons.
Role: Sound design, Dialog record (including co-direction) and edit, Sound mix (incl 5.1 surround), Music composition.

God Squad crew productionh. Sound design, mix, dialog record and edit, music composition - Ben Chase

Awards won:

WA Screen Awards 2015 – Best Original Music – Short Form
WA Screen Awards 2015 – Best Sound – Short Form

AACTA 2015 – Best Short Animation

Flickerfest Official Selection

Title: “Charlie Gribble”

Client: Neon Creation.
Role: Sound design and mix. Music. Dialog director, record and edit.

Title: “Desdemona” cartoon series

Client: Zac Creative, ABC.
Role: Sound design and mix. Music composition.


Title: Brighton Mazda and Parkland Mazda

Client: Marketing Mix.
Role: Music.

Title: Get Approved Home Loans

Client: Zac Creative.
Role: all sound and music.

Title: “Fat Cat Goodnight Girls and Boys (2003)” series of three TVC idents for Channel 7

Client: Dave Downie Animation.
Role: Music.

Short Films

Compilation including titles: Gifted Thumbs, Abandon

Title: “Binge Inferno” puppet series

Client: Turbine Midnight.
Role: Sound Design and mix. Dialog edit.


Title: “Brush With Death”

Client: Mintox Media.
Role: Music Composition.
Awards Won:

London Independent Film Awards Best Short Documentary (England)
The Best Shorts Competition Award of Merit (USA)

Title: “Seven Days”.

Client: Mintox Media.
Role: Music Composition.

WA Screen Awards Best Documentary
International Christian Film Fest Best International Documentary

Also Screened:
Swansea Bay Film Festival (Wales)
Everglades International Film Festival (South Africa)
Rome International Film Festival (USA)
Heart of England International Film Festival (England)
International Film Festival (Egypt)
British Film Festival Los Angeles (USA)
Fusion Arts Festival

Title: Try it for Five

Client: West One
Role: all sound and music